Testimonials about Mike Spillman

The following are testimonials about Mike from those that have listened to his podcast and/or have benefitted from his blog or articles on other websites:

Mike Spillman is an amazing inspiration and motivator. I find a Future You University not only motivating but also entertaining. The world needs more people like Mike and we all can use a little Future You University!

JB Glossinger MBA, PhD
Founder, morningcoach.com

Great Job! Your are an inspiration to me personally! Way to live your life! There is a lot we all can do to make that next step toward our next success!
Have a Great Day!

Jeff – Philadelphia

Have you heard him????
Warning: Dont try to "Shake your booty" while on a treadmill. LOL

Tanya -  California

I love listening to your podcasts



Mike Spillman - You are always there with your Thumbs Up!  Thanks for being all over the Forum and CONGRATS on your Podcast!!


Monique – NY

I have really enjoyed your podcasts.  Not only the content is great, but the way in which you're able to deliver that content is fabulous.  Such energy, so enthusiastic!!


Sharon - Southern Illinois - Financial Analyst (healthcare)

I want to write down my appreciation for Mike as a wonderful  listener with open ears and a open heart. As I asked for help, he made me feel understood as well as heard and really gave me some helpful inspiration and guidance. Thank you very much!

Ursula, Speech Therapist,
Frankfurt, Germany

"I've been listening to and reading Mike's notes and thoughts for almost a year...and I've learned a lot from him. He's smart--he's optimistic, yet realistic, has integrity....and cares. There's lots to learn from Mike--and I've got a way to go...so I'll continue listening. And his is one voice I will actually hear...and improve because of."


Brad, Chicago

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your podcasts and blog.  They are upbeat and fun and provide an added boost to my mornings!  I also want to thank you for responding so quickly to my questions and comments.  It’s refreshing to find someone who really cares about serving and helping others. I’m looking forward to hearing your words of wisdom and encouragement in many future podcasts and blog articles!

You are a breath of fresh air!  Best wishes to you in all that you do…and yes, have an “awesome day” as I know you will.

P.S.  I did try the “booty shake” and YES, I not only smiled but LAUGHED like a kid again!

Janice Willett
Organizational Development & Personality Assessment Consultant
Huntsville, Texas

Mike's podcast is very uplifting and a great way to pump up your day. It has been very helpful for me to get the energy I need just to get through the daily routines and he also shares very valuable information on how to improve your life by giving simple yet powerful to-the-point tips that everybody should apply today, to live a happier, more fulfillling life. Thanks Mike, and keep up the excellent work!


Carola Fuertes, Santiago-Chile

Great stuff! I feel as if you were talking to me in the same room. Great insight into making small, daily improvements to create the “future me”. I might add, Fun Friday is a nice way to change our state after dealing with the daily minutiae.


Joe, Albany, NY

Mike! Keep up with you do! It is a Great gift to this World from you! Have a Great Day!


Jeff – Ukraine

Hey Mike, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really enjoy your podcast! You are a natural behind the mike and the topics you cover each show definitely hit home for me. Keep up the great work.


RJM (Rich)  - Bronx, NY

Mike’s podcast will leave you pumped up and ready to take on your challenges. Thank you!


Beki – Life Coach – Florida

"As long as there is breath,there is hope" - powerful words,powerful message! Mike has provided us with a website and podcast filled with dynamic,insightful messages and tools for everyone to use.Another subject that really resonated with me - "Why not Me?","Why not Now!".As per his suggestion I wrote those very words on a piece of paper and taped them to my bedroom mirror.Every morning when I look in that mirror those two lines cause me to focus and realign my thoughts.Mike presents everything in a caring,loving manner.His "Fun Friday" segments are just that - FUN! His almost goofy,unbridled joy shine brightly - the man is infectious in his entusiasm and joy.He will make you believe that "as long as there is breath,there is hope!


Gerry, California

Love the podcast! It’s uplifting and really encourages one to take action. I recommend this for anyone who  wants to  feel motivated and alive!




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